Stretching: Common Misconceptions

Stretching- Common Misconceptions: Static vs. Dynamic Stretching is commonly used by athletes, rehabilitation patients, older adults, and anyone who may be participating in a physical activity. Although stretching has many benefits, there are a lot of misconceptions as to which types of stretching will help you reach a particular goal or outcome. Human movement is … Continue reading »

Exercise Induced Asthma

When I first started noticing symptoms of asthma it was spring 2013, and I was training for a fitness show. Training six days a week, extra cardio, and certain days I would train twice in one day, my body was at peak performance. However, something was holding me back. As I trained harder and implemented … Continue reading »


As we embark into the New Year I am meeting many new clients who are getting back from the holidays, where if they had a routine prior to holidays they were officially broken during. The holidays bring about traveling, working longer hours, holiday shopping, decorating for the holidays, wrapping gifts, kids coming home over break, … Continue reading »