As we embark into the New Year I am meeting many new clients who are getting back from the holidays, where if they had a routine prior to holidays they were officially broken during. The holidays bring about traveling, working longer hours, holiday shopping, decorating for the holidays, wrapping gifts, kids coming home over break, and probably a high amount of stress. Whatever the reasoning the once routine is now a broken one for a short period of time. As someone whose birthday happens to fall into the lovely month of January I have always found it to be a horrible time of the year to have a birthday fall on since its winter, and let’s face it nobody really loves winter. Looking at it now; I see it as a sense of new beginnings, a time to set new goals, and change your outlook of how things did or didn’t go the year prior. The New Year brings new hope and change of lifestyle choices. Since I am in the fitness industry, this new beginning brings a new hope to personal trainers who want to help people like you. Unfortunately gym memberships fade as people fall back into their old ways and into last year’s routine. Year after year people seek out this New Year and new beginning, but fail, but why? So I ask you, what makes this year so different? What is going to make 2015 stand out for you? The biggest resolution that the vast majority has as a goal is to lose weight, lose inches, change their eating habits, and to get healthy. These are all wonderful goals to have, but my question as a fitness director and personal trainer is HOW WILL YOU REACH YOUR GOALS?  Well… most think they have it in the bag, they know what they’re doing in the gym. All I need to do is cardio, and cardio, oh and if I can really make the change in my diet. Yes all doctors say with diet and exercise. Although exercise is extremely important most people can start the year off right and not know how to end it on the high note that they started it on.

If you have goals, and you want to achieve them in or out of the gym, seek a fitness professional! Personal trainers, I believe have one of the best jobs in the world; to lead people into healthier lifestyles.  I like to say HEALTH IS WEALTH, and without health you will have many limitations in life and probably a shorter life expectancy, and probably not be as happy and fulfilled with what once seemed like such a simple task of walking or standing up is now such a difficult one. So let’s set those goals, let’s devise a plan, and let’s succeed with our diet and fitness regimens! This is your year, so let’s make it the best one and a year where you took back your life and made positive changes that will last you the rest of your life!!!