Women Drinks a Gallon of Water Daily for 30 Days.

If you weren’t thirsty before, you definitely will be after reading this.

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It amazes me how little water intake people have.

– As a fitness director and personal trainer, I ask clients how much water they consume on average. A good 80% of them say they consume 1-2 glasses of water per day. The remaining fluid consumption being comprised of, soda, juice, and milk.

– We need AT LEAST 8, 8oz glasses of water per-day!!

Did you know?

*Your body is made up of over 70% water.

*Thirst is a delayed sensation that does not occur until the person has already lost 1 to 2 liters of fluid.

*People should learn to consume fluids on a fixed time interval rather than relying on thirst for when to drink.

*If your thirsty, it means you are already dehydrated.

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